A weekend in paris

S and I went to Paris for a weekend and It was a very magical weekend. We started the trip by seeing Elijah Wood in the airport, it was so cool to see him in real life, but none of us had the nerves to talk to him, so we just stood there like to star struck fans!

Our hotel was so amazing, its had a feeling of Harry Potter over it. When you pushed the big front door to enter, a little bel starts to ring. The floors were covered with carpet and the furniture looked old but very classy. I loved it!

Paris was wonderful, I'd love to go back sometimes.

Autumn is here

The cold is sneaking up upon us and the daylight is getting shorter. Im not a big fan of the cold weather but I've enjoyed to get under the blankets on the cough and drink the or hot chocolate in the evening. And I actually really enjoy to ride my bike through the city after sunset. It's a totally different city with all the lights on. You learn to enjoy what you have!

On a walk to a shoot we found a beautiful door, so I took some pictures of my sister.

My First wedding as a photographer

What an amazing experience! I had the honour to photograph Vanessa and Taiyos wedding in downtown Copenhagen, Vesterbro. I was super exited about being part of their big day and getting all the shoots I wanted.

The day went really well and the love from familly and friends was indescribable!